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Secure access across your print environment

YSoft SafeQ user profile authentication protects against unauthorized use of multifunction printers (MFPs) and single-use printers to create a secure printing, scanning and copying environment. The Authentication module also verifies a user’s access rights and applies those rights for the print job. For example, a high cost MFP can be restricted to authorised users to help reduce costs.


Securely print from any printer in your environment

Print Roaming gives users secure access to their documents from any authorised multifunction printer. Documents follow the user and are available when and where needed.


Optimize your cost savings

The Rule-Based Printing module is a key component for reducing printing costs. YSoft SafeQ provides common easily activated cost saving rules. Common rules to reduce printing costs include forced duplex printing, forced black and white printing and print to mail. For example, forcing all print jobs from email to automatically print in black and white prevents an expensive colour print job caused by embedded hyperlinks or graphics in a signature file.


Expand the capabilities of your print fleet for mobile workers

Many businesses support remote workforces. These mobile workers may need to print from their mobile device at a branch or regional office. The Mobile Print module enables users to print documents from any authorised multifunction printer to  when they arrive at their destination.


Simplifying scan management for increased user satisfaction

The Scan Management module facilitates secure scanning to email or specified folder. The module provides secure one-click scanning and authorises users to flag a scanned document to favourites for printing whenever it is needed.


Allocate print, copy and scan costs by billing code

The Credit and Billing tracks and allocates all printing, scanning and copying costs by cost centre or client. Billing codes are entered into the multifunction copier for easy accounting and tracking.


Complete overview of your print operations

The Reporting module gives you a comprehensive overview and audit of your print environment. One easy-to-use interface provides all the information you need. Whether you want to analyse costs for the entire company, a single department or an individual user or understand how each individual printer is being used, the Reporting module makes it easy.

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