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Guaranteed Accurate Audit of Pages Printed and Cost per Page

We take meter readings from all your print out-put devices over a period sufficient to eliminate any peaks and troughs, to calculate an accurate average monthly number of pages printed/copied.

During this period, we’ll call on the assistance of your accounts department to provide details of any finance contracts, current service and toner costs and the date of purchase & cost of your print devices. Without this information we’ll be wasting your time, as well as ours.

We’ll then submit a detailed audit report of exactly how much you’re spending each month, down to how much each page costs from your various print devices.

Sometimes we need to make assumptions because information sought wasn’t available. In these circumstances we’ll always take a conservative position, rather than risk overstating your current print costs.

We always insist our clients thoroughly check every aspect of our report. In particular we encourage they revisit any information they couldn’t provide in the first instance, to eliminate any potential inaccuracies arising from the assumptions we made.

Ultimately, a decision as to whether to proceed with a managed print plan is likely to be based on the savings it’ll deliver. The last thing we’d ever want to do is to be responsible for you signing up with us based on incorrect facts.

Existing Machines with Low Operating Costs utilised in Program

Our primary aim is to first of all make the most of any print devices you currently use. The over-riding consideration will be how cost effective it is to operate. There’s nothing to be gained by continuing to use a 3- year old printer in excellent working condition that costs 5 cents per page just for toner, if a brand new one is available offering more features that costs 3 cents per page inclusive of hardware, service and toner.

We’re as Brand Independent as Possible

Most manufacturers recognise the benefits of managed print plans. So much so that Fuji-Xerox recently acquired the largest company in this sector.

Many other “independent” managed print companies have exclusive arrangements with a single manufacturer. So the question needs to be asked - How could anyone expect any of these organisations to advise you if a competitor brand had a product better suited to your needs?

Now it’s true that we can’t offer all brands; however our range of Fuji Xerox, Oki & Sharp is to our knowledge the most extensive available for a single service provider.

Keep the question of independence in mind when dealing with certain companies. And here’s a little fact to end off with: no single manufacturer in any industry has the best product in every segment of their market. And that’s the truth.

We Specialise in Sydney Based Businesses

If your head office and main operating base is outside Sydney, we believe you’d be better served choosing a company based in that City.

Even in today’s electronic world, nothing can replace direct management interaction between business partners.

We do have a strong network of like-minded dealers throughout Australia, so we can guarantee a strong service support of any branches you may have outside Sydney.

We Take Responsibility for Every Aspect of Our Managed Print Plans

Many managed print companies act as brokers for one or more manufacturers. Now that may work perfectly well most of the time, but what happens if you have a recurring service problem? The broker will no doubt explain his influence over the manufacturer, and will guarantee to assert such influence to quickly resolve any such problems.

But despite all the assurances in the world, it’s not the same as dealing direct with the service provider.

We employ our service engineers. Naturally they’re all qualified and they attend comprehensive training for all new products that are released. And, above all, they’re passionate about their work and enjoy working here at Axia Office. In fact, most of our technicians have been with us for over 12 years

Each and every day we work hard to deliver quick, reliable and proactive service that’ll exceed your expectations. That means we’ll do all we can to ensure a consistently high standard of output from your photocopiers, multi-function printers and laser printers during their effective lives.

To us, Business is Personal

Every customer has unique needs; so your case is personal. We’ll analyse your total document imaging requirements to ensure you get a tailored solution to meet your exact needs and deliver significant savings over the lifetime of the equipment.

And, at Axia Office, you can be sure that the personal attention you receive when you are buying continues for the life of the equipment. So, whether you operate one machine or twenty, we do everything possible to see that you enjoy measurable benefits from your investment.

Our people are our strength

Because of their experience and dedication, our fully trained service engineers ensure we achieve our mission. Naturally they’re all qualified and they attend comprehensive training for all new products that are released. And, above all, they’re passionate about their work and enjoy working here at Axia Office. In fact, most of our engineers have been with us for over 12 years!

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