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What is Profile at MFD Device?

Imagine being able to walk up to any multifunction printer in your business and with a simple push of the button, scan and be presented in real time on the copier panel information from within your scanned documents.


This information would be the business rules that you want to use to name or use in your business and document management systems.

The information could be such things as:

  • Fixed zones on your documents that are automatically read and extracted e.g. Customer name, customer code
  • Dynamic information, e.g. locating the word 'invoice' and reading the invoice number located next to it
  • Read and extract barcodes (1D, 2D and even QR codes)


You can also scan a volume of documents and separate them based on a fixed number, a unique word, barcode or using Umango document separators. This automatic form of document separation enables the scanning of a large volumes of documents all at the one convenient time at the photocopier.

You can even create business rules to determine what information will be presented to you for checking at the multifunction device and what will be read and automatically saved (extract but don't prompt me at the device).

If you find the checking of information more comfortable at your P.C., then simply select the option to continue profiling your documents back at your PC.

This takes your office multifunction copier to a whole new level for scanning documents and dynamically using information for your business rules and processes, quickly and easily.

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