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The cost to copy/print a page varies significantly depending on the type and age of the device used. Toner & maintenance for equipment older than 4-years is much more expensive than for new devices; and ink devices cost more than laser

Most print devices are acquired to satisfy a pressing need without any consideration to its impact on the fleet.

Quite often old devices aren’t disposed of when new ones are brought into service, and over time are once again deployed.

The problem is that more often than not printer purchase decisions are heavily weighted in favour of the upfront cost. Little attention is paid to running costs, even though they will quickly exceed the purchase price.

Once this problem is recognised staff are directed to adopt the time consuming task of telephoning a number of suppliers to negotiate better pricing each time a toner cartridge is required.

The absence of a plan means most businesses have 3 to 4 different brands of equipment, with the following problems:

  • Multiple service agents and consumable suppliers offering varying service levels
  • High operating costs and a different cost per page for the output from each device 
  • Unlimited access by all staff to colour devices
  • Higher costs of administration and poorer accountability
  • Over and/or under-utilisation of devices causing more down-time
  • Multiple toner cartridges, drums and other supplies for the different models.
  • Warranties expiring at various dates, some of which are extended and others inadvertently overlooked
  • Fielding annoying and time consuming telemarketing calls from toner supply companies
  • Additional work maintaining plant registers
  • Disclosure of finance commitments in financial statements

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