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Flexible Finance Options

Our expert team have been helping customers select the best finance option for years. Talk to us about the most suitable option and term for your business. We’ll also get the best rate that’s out there.

The easy upgrade path to the latest technology at the end of the rental term can be extremely valuable. Consider that businesses that purchase equipment outright tend to continue using it beyond its effective life, even though newer equipment might offer significant savings.

Most businesses are better served if they don’t use their bank to finance new equipment. Bank leases usually have much more demanding initial requirements compared with supplier leasing arrangements. You also need to consider that banks include all lease/hire purchase liabilities when analysing the adequacy of their security. Consequently, your increased debt could have an impact on future overdraft/loan facilities.

All Inclusive Cost Per Page Plan

The Plan bundles the cost of print devices, toner, consumables and service to provide an agreed mono and colour cost per page over the term of the plan.

Long the preferred option of large corporations, the All Inclusive Cost Per Page Plan is now available to mid-sized companies.

The plan offers the following benefits:

  1. No capital outlay; we don’t need to tell you the advantages of that!
  2. Easy and efficient administration
  3. One itemised invoice per month
  4. The all-inclusive cost per page is easily allocated to appropriate cost centres
  5. Easily varied to add additional machines and/or vary volumes to accommodate changes in your business
  6. Term reducing; monthly volume in excess of minimum applied to reduce term, enabling you to cost effectively upgrade your equipment sooner to optimise your business operations


Rental financing offers the following benefits:

  1. Financing allows immediate acquisition of equipment, without down payment
  2. Payments are spread out over the working life of the equipment
  3. Renting offers more flexibility at the end of the term. There is no residual value to pay; the renter can hand back the equipment and upgrade, continue to rent the equipment or offer to purchase it at fair market value

However, rental financing does not offer the same flexibility as the all-inclusive cost per page plan.


Every business is different, and when a major financial commitment and income tax implication are involved, independent professional advice is essential.


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