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Print Visibility

Quickly see who is printing, what they are printing, when they printed and on which MFD printer. A central dashboard, 80 pre-built reports and the document archive will ensure you never have to chase down answers again.


Print Policies

Create intelligent rules to control user behaviour and enforce sensible printing rules.

Pre-built filters will easily fix simple problems such as removing jobs, encourage double-sided printing or create your own custom advanced 


Document & Device Security

Protect sensitive documents with Find-Me printing. Users print once to a global virtual queue and release securely while at the device.

Secure your print devices with User Authentication via a touch screen or card reader at the multifunction copier.

For extra security, use watermarking and digital signatures to attach owner ID to every document.


Cost Control

Tracking costs by employee, cost centre or client.

Improve control by allocating print quotas to employees, departments or clients. They can easily track their print balances; once the quota is gone, it's gone!

You can easily implement a pay-per-use module to recoup printing costs which can be integrated with popular payment gateways for individual user payments.


User Tools

Shape user behaviour by encouraging responsible printing by keeping print costs and rules visible to users.

Authorise employees to print from their web browser or mobile device and to release documents securely at their multifunction printer using an existing ID badge or their smart phone.signatures


Integrated Scanning

An integrated all-in-one interface and pre-configured scan actions provide an on ramp into existing business systems. With a couple of clicks at your Sharp multifunction copier, documents are easily scanned to predefined folders or email addresses.

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