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    Second Hand Photocopiers…the Axia Office way

    We have an extensive range, from entry level to high speed fully optioned, refurbished colour and mono second hand copiers for immediate delivery.

    All our second hand photocopiers were sold & serviced by us since new; and they all come with a comprehensive 5-year service agreement.

    Read how we select and refurbish our second hand copiers to ensure they deliver outstanding quality and reliability.

  • Refurbishing a Photocopier

    Before we refurbish a photocopier it must first meet the following criteria:

    • The page count is less than 50% of the machine’s life expectancy as specified by the manufacturer.
    • Spare parts will be available for a minimum of 3 years. (Manufacturers are only required by Law to support products for 7 years after production ceases)
    • It must have been located in a suitable environment and to the best of our knowledge used in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.
    • The service history demonstrates above average performance during its life-time 

    Once selected as suitable for resale the photocopier is subject to the following rigorous refurbishing process by one of our trained and experienced Service Engineers. Here an outline of what’s involved:

    • The photocopier is stripped by removing drums, developers, fuser unit and all modular accessories to allow us to vacuum toner & dust built-up over time.
    • Optical items are inspected and cleaned.
    • Feed rollers are removed, inspected, cleaned and replaced if worn.
    • All other rubber rollers are inspected, cleaned and replaced as necessary.
    • Feed guides are inspected for paper cuts and cleaned.
    • Consumable items, i.e. drums, developers, fuser rollers etc are inspected and replaced if close to the end of their life.
    • Known faults are tested and corrected if necessary.
    • Manufacturer service bulletin recommendations are implemented.
    • The latest firmware is uploaded.

    After all of the above is done, we thoroughly test all functions of the machine and any accessories. Typically this process would include copying/printing more than 500 pages.

    We then offer any prospective buyer a comprehensive service contract, inclusive of parts and toner, for a minimum 3 years based on an agreed cost per page.


    All this work by our expert engineers results in the confidence we have that all our refurbished second hand photocopiers will provide a cost effective and reliable solution to your photocopying and print requirements.

    However, in the unlikely event you’re not completely satisfied within 30-days of its installation, we’ll supply a replacement machine free of any charge as soon as is reasonably practicable.