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    Second Hand Photocopier Buying Guide

    Purchasing a second hand photocopier can be a tricky business. We’ve compiled a list of things to consider that’ll ensure you come out on top.


    1.  How old is that machine?

    Buying a second hand copier that’s actually older than disclosed by the supplier is the most common and costly mistake made. How to avoid this? Ask to see the original sale invoice or the machine’s service history.

     2.  Again, view the Service History.

    Viewing the photocopier’s service history is the only way you can satisfy yourself about its reliability and any hidden problems. View it…or move on.

     3.  Check the Page Count

    Although not completely reliable, you should check that the number of pages printed/copied agrees with the service history. Either way, we recommend against purchasing a second hand copier if its page count is more than 50% of the machine’s life expectancy as specified by the manufacturer.

     4.  Supplier Bona Fides

    A supplier who can’t provide independent verification of the photocopier’s age, service history and page count, for whatever reason, almost always has questionable business ethics. 

     5.   Non-Authorised Service Agents

    Purchasing from these guys isn’t such a good idea. Why? Simply because they can’t access service training courses, service bulletins or firmware upgrades. Nor can they purchase spare parts direct from the manufacturer. These limitations will cause major service delays throughout the life of your machine.

     6.  Refurbishment Process

    Ask the supplier to provide a written report on the process undertaken to refurbish the machine prior to installation. Always get it in writing.

     7.  Get a few Testimonials

    Insist on written testimonials from customers who purchased from the supplier over the previous couple of years. Also seek permission to contact the customer directly. Get as much detail as you can.

     8.  Service Contract

    Ensure the supplier guarantees to provide you with a service contract that includes all labour, parts and toner, for a minimum of 3 years.

    9.  Replacement Guarantee

    Ask whether the supplier offers a replacement guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase. You don’t want to get stuck if you’re not happy.

    10.   Management Confirmation

    Make sure you get written confirmation from Management of any verbal undertakings given.

    If you would like more information on how we refurbish 2nd hand machines you can read about it here

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