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    Office Photocopier Buying Guide

    Choosing the wrong office photocopier can cost you time and money. So choose wisely.

    Here’s a little warning: the typical photocopier buying process is flawed! And, seeing the average photocopier lasts years, buying the wrong machine (or selecting the wrong supplier!) can haunt you for some time, leaving you with higher running costs and disruption to your productivity.

    The team at Axia Office has outlined a step-by-step process of how to ensure you get the right photocopier for your office. This isn’t about you buying from us, it’s about you having the knowledge to ensure you end up with a machine that’s best for your needs as well as one that offers maximum savings over time.

    Step 1: Short-List potential suppliers

     You should get between 2 and 4 proposals, including at least one from both a dealer and manufacturer. Play a couple of  them against one another to get the best deal. However, be mindful of anyone who comes back with a vastly improved offer after finding out they were unsuccessful.

    Step 2: The Decision Maker needs to be there

     The most likely cause of a poor decision is the ultimate decision maker not taking the time to sit in on both the initial meeting and the presentation with each of the companies chosen to submit a proposal. These machines are typically held for 3.5 years, so it’s essential that the decision maker makes his decision based on ALL the information and not just some.

    Step 3: They need to analyse you!

     A supplier can’t submit the solution that best suits your needs unless they conduct a thorough analysis of your requirements. And this MUST include an onsite visit. A like for like machine is often not the best option.

    Step 4: Testimonials

     Insist on written testimonials from customers who purchased from the supplier over the previous couple of years. Also seek permission to contact some of the customers directly – it’s always a good idea to hear it from them.

    Step 5: Service Commitment

    Some suppliers like to make impressive claims about service completion times, so it’s important to ask for reports generated by the supplier to support any such claims. If they can’t get you these then you can’t rely on the commitment.

    Step 6: Print Audit

    If a supplier offers to conduct an analysis of your print platform, accept it! Too often the decision to upgrade an office copier is made without regard to the adequacy of other print devices in your fleet. The solution may well be entirely different, delivering big savings. If (or should we say when) you accept such an offer it’s important to assist the supplier gather all the information necessary to conduct an accurate audit. 

    Step 7: Management Confirmation

    It’s important to get written confirmation by Management of any verbal undertakings given by salesmen.

    Step 8: Evaluate Proposals. Thoroughly.

    Like with any decision it’s important to take the time to analyse the pros and cons of each proposal. On most occasions you’ll find a clear winner.

    Step 9: Training

    We understand that your staff are busy and won’t be able to attend all training sessions. So we think it’s important to nominate a person as the Key Contact, someone who undergoes more extensive training to assist other staff members and liaise with the successful supplier.

    Step 10: Post Installation

     Ask questions to satisfy yourself that the supplier will deliver on their promise to implement  preventative maintenance, rather than simply a corrective program, otherwise you’ll need to replace the copier when it reaches the end of its effective life.  

    Follow these 10 steps and you’ll end up with a satisfying and cost-effective result.

    Good luck!