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DOCUMENT management solutions

Business today revolves around creating documents, altering them, storing them and then finding them again. Build an Excel spreadsheet, compose a proposal as a Word document, send an email, raise invoices. We all are part of a data proliferation.

This vast amount of information is of little value if we cannot organise it, store it and instantly retrieve it. The sheer magnitude of information created by all businesses necessitated the need for

a Enterprise Document Management Solution likeFileBound.

Within the FileBound solution you can organise, store, and instantly retrieve all critical documents to your organisation. Document images can be created and directly stored within the FileBound system using one of the FileBound scanning tools, which attach to Sharp & Kyocera multifunction printers. Document images stored in the system are “filed” according to how you would want to search for them in the future. Security rights can be applied to applications, such as Accounts Payable or Human Resource files, or individual files.



Many business processes require multiple decision points and the ability to share documents among many users to complete the process. The FileBound workflow module offers the following advantages:

  • Allows companies to define, review and streamline their document business processes
  • Automatically distributes tasks to nominated employees for action or decision-making
  • Eliminates and/or reduces time and costs associated with unnecessary and/or manual steps
  • Complete audit trail
  • Promotes responsibility and accountability

Typical applications that benefit from FileBound workflow include Accounts Payable and Human Resources.

The FileBound workflow module is easily installed on Sharp & Kyocera multifunction copiers & printers.


FileBound lets employees use it’s document and workflow automation wherever they are with their devices of choice; smart phone, tablet or laptop.

Mobile access is offered without additional licenses or fees, so employees have the freedom to work from wherever they choose by accessing FileBound via a standard browser or by downloading a dedicated app. This will dramatically reduce delays and inefficiencies, accelerating the ROI of a FileBound investment.

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