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Why us

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    Our Values

    Honesty and respect are our core values. We always deliver on our promises and do the right thing by our clients, employees and suppliers. We’re committed to delivering value for money and exceptional after sales service.

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    Choice of Leading Brands

    Sharp, Kyocera and Oki. Our range of photocopiers and multifunction printers is the most extensive range available from a single supplier in Sydney, so you can be sure we’ve got exactly what you need.

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    Established 1996

    Our experience in the industry can’t be rivalled. To us this business isn’t just about buying or selling a machine. We believe in analysing your total document imaging requirements to ensure you get a tailored solution to meet your exact needs. The result of which is that you’ll get significant savings over the lifetime of the equipment.

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    Professional Unbiased Advice

    All of our sales staff are fully trained and armed with years of knowledge. They understand the features and strengths of all our brands, and will take you through each one with impartiality and complete professionalism.

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    Super-fast service that you can count on

    We don’t wait for things to go wrong. Our proactive service is designed to ensure your equipment lasts longer than you expect it to, delivering quality prints and copies all throughout its lifetime.

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    Best Price Guarantee

    We recognise just how important price is in todays economic climate so we will happily match any genuine quotation.

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    We will help you printless

    Most business owners suspect they’re printing too much; they either don’t have the time or knowledge to implement steps to reduce it. We will work out exactly how much you’re printing and implement changes to reduce it. Hard to believe a printer service company would implement processes to reduce their revenue? Well put us to the test!

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    Our finance options are the most flexible available. They are easily varied to add new equipment and/or change volumes to accommodate changes in your business.

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    We believe every customer has unique needs that we can find the optimal solution for. So your case is personal. And, at Axia Office, you can be sure that the personal attention you receive when you are buying continues for the life of the equipment. So, whether you operate one machine or twenty, we do everything possible to see that you enjoy measurable benefits from your investment.

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    Everyone at Axia Office is happy to speak to you. Our customers tell us that they appreciate the access they have to our management, and the relationship based on trust and mutual respect that they enjoy with our engineers.