Are you doing these things in your office to reduce costs?

There are a few very simple things that we recommend all our customers do to help reduce costs. Are you doing these?

1. Set Printer driver defaults

                Setting up the correct defaults within your office for machines and for users can have a huge impact on the amount of printing that gets done, and the costs to your office for that printing. Ie – Are Black & White prints set as the default to minimise more expensive colour page being printed?

2. Utilise ‘Print Release’ technologies where possible

                Print release systems mean that when you print, the printer will not actually print those pages until you release the job at the actual printer. This can be done by using a swipe card,  entering a pin number or selecting the job from a queue. Print Release reduces wastage, improves data security and improves office efficiency. This process alone has been shown to reduce printing volumes within offices by as much as 30%.

3. Using the right machine for the right job

                Often we find that people are printing basic and high volume jobs to expensive and inefficient machines. This can cost large amounts in toners and wear and tear on machines, plus can be a waste of time if the machine is not capable of printing at the right speeds. Getting your office set up with the right types of machines, and channelling work to those machines correctly can have a large impact on your ongoing costs.

These are just 3 quick examples of things you can do within your office to reduce costs……but there are plenty more!

The simplest way to find out if you can improve your office functionality and reduce costs is to talk with one of the Axia Office team. There is no obligation! We know that if we offer good advice and genuine service that one day you may contact us to help you. That’s how we operate….