“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

How a Preventative Maintenance approach can reduce costs and equipment downtime.

We’ve all heard this phrase in our lives at some point. The meaning is pretty clear, yet too often prevention is overlooked and then the costs when a repair is required can be far greater.

In relation to your office copiers and printers this is especially true. Over our 20 years of maintaining machines we have clearly seen that it is far more efficient to operate on a preventative maintenance basis with our customers. The benefits are several

So what are the benefits of taking a preventative approach to maintenance?

  • Regular maintenance keeps the parts clean and functioning correctly avoiding problems with print quality, breakdowns and parts breaking.
  • Machine down time can be scheduled to suit the customers’ needs to minimise office disruption
  • Breakdowns are minimised as parts are replaced on a pre-set schedule before wearing out which helps to avoid office disruption and machine downtime.
  • Costs are minimised because the parts and equipment are maintained in correct condition.
  • Potential problems can be identified and rectified by technicians before they arise.
  • Machine lifespans can be increased minimising costs to customers of having to replace machines.
  • Allows Axia to offer a 4 hour Respond & Repair guarantee in the event of a breakdown!

The Axia Office Service model is built around preventative maintenance for our clients. We know that it works best for our customers, and allows us to provide highly cost effective solutions for our customers.

“We have a Sharp Colour Printer supplied & serviced by Axia Office. That machine gets plenty of use but thanks to regular maintenance by Axia’s technical staff it has never missed a beat” said Rainer Schiller who runs a business in Gladesville.

Brad Keen, who has owned and run Axia Office for over 20 years explains. “For most of our customers we provide a fully inclusive Service Agreement that requires us to maintain their equipment for the next 4-5 years at no extra cost, so it is in everyone’s interest that we keep the machine running well. It keeps our customers offices running smoothly, and keeps the costs to a minimum for ourselves.”

To understand more about the benefits of preventative maintenance, or to talk to one us about how it might benefit your business, feel free to contact us at any time.