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Why Print Costs Are Rising

The cost to copy/print documents varies significantly depending on the type and age of the print device used. Toner & maintenance for equipment older than 4-years is much more expensive than for new devices; and ink devices cost more than laser.

Most print devices are acquired to satisfy a pressing need without any consideration to its impact on the fleet. These include:

  • To replace one that’s reached the end of its effective life
  • To satisfy a need arising from changed circumstances, e.g. use of personal printers for convenience and/or confidentiality, increased staff numbers
  • To satisfy pressure from say the marketing people for a better and faster colour multifunction printer

Quite often old devices aren’t disposed of when new ones are brought into service, and over time are once again deployed.

More often than not printer purchase decisions are bases on the upfront cost, rather than the cost of replacing toner cartridges and drums, even though their costs quickly exceed the purchase price.

Typically, cheaper print devices are more expensive to run.